Aerial Filming Services
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Specialist of aerial filming since 8 years, we are able to answer  with equipment suited to your needs and your budget.

We can propose to our customers two high quality systems :

Cineflex V14 HD The ultimate system in aerial shooting, this camera is definitely the best system on the market. Used by the largest TV production  (Tour de France, Paris Dakar …) it gives more stable images in all conditions. All types of benefits are available, please contact us for a personnal and adapted service, we propose all inclusive packages (Heli time + Cineflex).

Cineflex director

Freeride World Tour / Verbier extrem / Red Bull Linecatcher / Swtach skiers cup…

Cineflex operator

BBC Top Gear TV Show / « Few Words » of Candide Thovex / Norvegian National TV / Team Red Bull Soul Flyers / Red Bull Elements / Paradiksi resorts…

 DFX system

Perfect for a lower budget, The DFX system is a  top quality and light product adapted to all helicopters and easy to transport by airplane.</p>
DFX system is a product developed by us with great freedom of utlisation helicopter. Both lightweight and stable, it enables shooting of high quality and offers the advantage of being quickly installed and removed.Gyrostabilization associated with the images taken with the Canon 5DMk II ….

We can offer packages including the shooting and the rental of the helicopters Ecureuil and Robinson R44 (contact us).

A demo of the summertime shots with the all new DFX Gyrostab system. Operator : Dino Raffault, helicopter Pilots : Loïc Jean-Albert and Mike Benett.